Does Skin Cancer Itch?

Some people tend to exaggerate things when they feel something going on in their body and found a symptom that is similar to what they are feeling. It might sound funny that they are hysterical, but, in some ways, this is only a normal reaction, especially if we are dealing with a disease that can be dangerous if not treated in the early stage.

I am referring to diseases such as skin cancer because no matter how it looks normal at first, it’s better to be treated immediately because once the cancer cells started to spread all over the body, it will be harder to treat and may even cause death. That is why it is important that each of us has an idea of the early signs and symptoms of this particular disease. However, one of the most common question regarding skin cancer is, does skin cancer itch since it is in the skin. Let’s find out.

Skin Cancer Early Signs
According to the studies of professional doctors, those who have multiple patches or lesions that are a bit odd, and tend to be itchy and painful, can be a concern and can lead to non-melanoma skin cancer. As they conducted a survey with the patients with this kind of symptom, more than one-third agreed that it is itchy and a lot of them are concerned since it is both itchy and painful.

As it was mentioned, itchiness is only a sign of non-melanoma skin cancer and that is because melanoma is the least to be itchy or painful. Despite not showing signs of itchiness and painfulness, melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, compared to the other two.

That is why if asked does skin cancer itch, it is better that it is since it means that it is not as dangerous as melanoma. Although, there are circumstances that itching is also a sign of a healing wound and might be misinterpreted as a skin cancer.

To be able to make things clear, lesions or patches are not always cancerous. It only depends if the abnormal cells multiplied faster and spread throughout the body in a very irregular way, then that means it is cancerous. But, there are also circumstances that a regular wound or still healing can lead to skin cancer, especially if not treated properly or not cleaned thoroughly. Therefore, exercising proper hygiene is very important to also avoid more dangerous diseases.